Courting Morrow Little

Laura Frantz

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Set in the 1700's, just as our nation was becoming a country, you will find Courting Morrow Little a different type of historical novel.  Different in a good way.  I loved this book, having read The Frontiersman's Daugther, earlier this year by Laura Frantz, I was excited to get a chance to read and review Courting Morrow Little.  And my expectations were more than met, in a wonderful book!  Truly a story of forgiveness, grace and love this story will captivate and hold your attention.
Morrow Little is a beautiful young girl who lives in Kentucke.  Her father is a minister and moved his family there to help develop the wild country.  Indian raids are a thing of major concern and Morrow and her pa's life were forever changed one fateful day, when a raiding Shawnee party killed her mother, and baby sister, and her older brother Jess disappeared also that horrible day.  Over the years a Shawnee chief and his son, would drop by and visit with her father.  The forgiveness that he showed them amazed Morrow, but she could not find that same forgiveness in her own heart. 
As Morrow nears, marrying age, her father's health begins to rapidly decline.  A beautiful young woman, she has caught the eyes of many suitable suitors, and several not so suitable ones also.  Knowing he is going to die, he really wants to see her married before he dies.  Will Morrow find love?  Will her father die in peace of mind knowing that she will be cared for?  Will the man Morrow marries be a man of rank and respect or will the love she finds be a forbidden love? 
This book is just truly a wonderful story, and you don't want to miss this great summer read!  Available July 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.
362 pages US $ 14.99 5 stars

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