Field of Danger

Field of Danger
Ramona Richards
Love Inspired Suspense
Steeple Hill

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

April Presley loves the small town of Caralinda Tennessee. Moving there after a particularly nasty and bitter divorce, she loves the fact that the people of the town truly care for each other. Imagine her horror as one morning when she takes lemonade out to her friend Levon Rivers in the cornfield, she sees someone shoot him point blank with a shotgun. In that instant April's life takes on a horrific nightmarish realm. The murderer is now after her, determined to kill her, as the only witness to his crime.
Daniel Rivers, Levon's son is crushed that his father has been murdered. Who would want to kill his father? He is beloved in the small town of Caralinda. As a police officer on the force, his chief keeps trying to make him stay off the case, insisting he is too close to the victim. He just can't leave it alone though, this is his father who was murdered, and April is a friend he feels he needs to protect.
They both realize quickly that the murderer must be a local, April did not see the face of the killer. Daniel is convinced that she can remember more, and as she tries it just comes to her in small details, bits and pieces. Will she remember enough to discover who killed Levon Rivers? Will this murder draw two people who loved Levon together? Will romance bloom in the face of death?
I enjoyed this novel very much. It was easy to read, the writing style flowed very well. April and Daniel's faith in God shone throughout the story, and it was very easy to recognize that their faith and their church were very important to each of them. I would recommend this book to my friends. A wonderful suspense filled story. Discussion questions at the end of the book for book clubs. 212 pages $5.50 US 4 stars.

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