Somewhere to Belong

Daughters of Amana
Judith Miller
Bethany House Publishers
Historical Fiction

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Set in the late 1800's in a communal village, we find Johanna Ilg, a young woman who is devout in her faith, and looked upon as a suitable young lady to help train a new member into their village.  Johanna is not so sure about this, once she meets Berta Schumacher.  Berta is an only child who has been pampered and catered to all her days, living in a communal village, and having to work is something Berta rebels against strongly.  The things she manages to get into is amazing.  She is a trouble maker with a capital "T" and keeps Johanna on her toes. 
She also makes Johanna realize how much she would like to see the outside world before she settles down and perhaps marries. Her parents worry that she will not return, just as her older brother did not.  An incident where Johanna finds out that her family has not been totally honest with her, shakes her faith, causing her to act on her decision to see the outside world.  Will she return to Amana?  How will she handle this new and devastating truth?  Will Johanna find love in the outside world, or back in her familar home village? This story is a very different story, it is similar to Amish books, in the faith aspect, but the communal living is a new concept for this reviewer.  I enjoyed the story very much and look forward to more books in the Daughters of Amana series. 364 pages $14.99 US 4 stars

This book was provided by Bethany House for review purposes only.

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