Sixteen Brides

Stephanie Grace Whitson
Bethany House Publishers
Historical Fiction

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

It is 1872, the Civil War has ended.  But for many widows life is now harder than ever.  Seeing an advertisement about free land, available in Nebraska, sixteen women meet with the founder of the Ladies Emigration Society, in St. Louis and decide to head for Nebraska.  Each woman has their own reason for joining the Society, but none of them are aware that Mr. Drake is really taking them to Nebraska to be mail order brides or war brides as they were sometimes called. 
Finding out this was his scheme six of the women refused to go forward with his plan, leaving the train and settling in Plum Grove.  Deciding to try their hand at homesteading, they band together and claim four homesteads adjoining and build a house where the four properties meet.  Calling it Four Corners, they set out to show the local folk they can and will make this work.  Six women that you would have never imagined pairing up to be friends make this book a delight to read. 
This novel was different in very many aspects, one aspect being there were more main characters in this book than I have ever seen in a book.  However Ms Whitson never got them confused or mixed up.  Her superb writing skills make this book very enjoyable.  I loved the book, and was wishing it did not end where it did.   Most definitely a book to read and share with others. 348 pages $US 14.99 5 stars
This book was provided for review purposes only.

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