A Summer Secret

The Mysteries of Middlefield 1
Kathleen Fuller
Tommy Nelson
A Division of Thomas Nelson
Juvenile Fiction/Mystery Suspense

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Mary Beth Mullet has a secret.  She has been sneaking next door to the abandoned barn, to have some time away from her pesky brothers.  They never seem to give her any privacy, even in her own bedroom.  It isn't long however before her twin brother Johnny figures it out and in order for him to keep her secret she has to share her special place with him.  She is not happy about that at all, but before she can really make up her mind what to do to change it, they make a discovery that sets them off into a secret deeper than they ever dreamed possible.
While trying to figure out who is taking her snacks, she and Johnny discover that someone is staying in the old barn too.  Turns out Sawyer Thompson, a runaway is hiding out there.  They want to help him, but are afraid they will be in big trouble if they are caught.  Sneaking out at night and sneaking food to Sawyer is very risky for two Amish kinder.  A hot summer storm ends everything, and reveals the secret as the barn is struck by lightning and burns down.  Horrified that Sawyer is in the barn, they tell all.  What will happen to Sawyer?  Is he killed in the fire?  Will they ever see him again.
A die hard fan of Kathleen Fuller's Amish books, I enjoyed this story very much, it is written in true Kathleen style.  Awesome story, truly a great read for anyone, especially tweens.  268 pages 9.99 US 5 stars
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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