A Matter of Character

The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs         
Robin Lee Hatcher

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Set in 1918, A Matter of Character is the last book in the Sisters of Bethlehem Spring series.  A while it is a part of a series it easily stands alone, I had not read either of the two previous books, and had no trouble following this story. 
Daphne McKinnely is a heiress to a large fortune, and yet she has chosen to live in small town in Idaho, where her friends wonder why in the world she is there in the middle of nowhere.  But Daphne has a secret identity, and the small town is the perfect place to hide it in.  She is a author of dime store novels, writing under a assumed name.  Her editor thinks she is a man, and she does not tell him any different.  She is however becoming displeased with her main character, and is wondering what to do about him. When a new newspaper editor comes to town looking for D. B. Morgan, Daphne knows that her assumed identity is in danger of being  revealed.  Will her brother be humiliated and angry with her?  Will she be too ashamed to admit that she wrote the books? And will the newspaper editor looking for D. B. Morgan be satisfied with the answers to his questions?
A fast paced, book with quirky characters who were ahead of their time politically, but who were ground breakers in that historical period.  Most definitely a book to share with your friends and to add to your library.  260 pages $14.99 US 4 stars.

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