A Woman Called Sage

A Novel   
DiAnn Mills

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Set in the 1870's Sage Morrow has it all, a wonderful husband, a baby on the way, a ranch that is doing well.  But life changes dramatically for Sage, when one afternoon, four men ride up to their ranch and shoot and kill Sage's husband, and shoot her and leave her for dead, causing her son to be born prematurely and his death. 
Not understanding why this has happened, she leaves her home and goes to stay with the Ute tribe, her mother's people and learn the ways of tracking.  She becomes a bounty hunter with one thought in her mind, find the men who shot them, and get revenge.  Along the way, she turns her back on the faith she was raised in, and doubts that God cares about her, or her prayers. 
Traveling into the Rocky Mountains, Sage does not realize she has been set up for revenge against her, by a notorious gang of killers.  In fact the very gang of killers who killed her husband.  This book is a lively paced book, moving through an exciting story that will have you on the edge of your seat.  Will Sage survive her revengeful spirit?  Will justice be served?  How many people will be hurt before this horrible nightmare comes to an end?
DiAnn Mills has written an awesome historical romance that you will not want to put down.  303 pages $12.99 US 5 stars
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