5 Ministry Killers

and How to Defeat Them    
Charles Stone
Bethany House
Non Fiction/Church Leadership

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Are you a pastor running on empty?  Does the very thought of getting up and preaching one more sermon make you ill?  Do you feel like your parishoners don't really know you, or your frustrations?  On the other side of the spectrum, are you a church leader or even lay person, who really does NOT understand what there is about your church to frustrate your pastor?

Charles Stone, a pastor himself, has watched over the years as fellow ministers fall in the line of fire, so to speak.  As they finally decide it is all too much and give up the ministry.  He has done extensive research including having research done specifically for this book that is unpublished by Barna Group and Lifeway Group, to find the issues that are plaguing pastors and their wives. 

He has grouped together a list of five ministry killers, things that will bring on the demise of a pastor's ministry, unless addressed.  This book is a not a fix all to all problems, but it will open your eyes to issues today's pastors face.  I completely enjoyed this book, because as a pastor's wife, I have seen my husband walk these pathways, and know that there is someone who understands.  A book that won't take long to read, but that is full of answers and encouragement.  Most definitely a book to share with all ministry leaders.  Also a valuable part of this book is the chapter where his wife addresses the problems that ministry wives face.  Please if your a pastor or in leadership of any type, take time to read this book!  202 pages $19.99 US 5 stars

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