Shadow Government


Shadow Government is not a book for the faint hearted. It is a book that will open your eyes and cause you to look over your shoulders. If ever before we as Christians need to be aware of who and what is watching our every action, it is this day and time we live in. Revealing to us how easily the Anti-christ will be able to take over and rule the world Grant Jeffrey's book will open your eyes. It is a bit overwhelming and not a casual reading book, so be forewarned. It is however a book every American should read. 227 pages $13.99 US 4 stars


Security cameras, surveillance of private financial transactions, radio frequency spy chips hidden in consumer products, eavesdropping on e-mail correspondence and phone calls, and Internet tracking. No one is protected, and privacy is a thing of the past.

An ultra-secret global elite, functioning as a very real shadow government, controls technology, finance, international law, world trade, political power, and vast military capabilities. These unnamed, unrivaled leaders answer to no earthly authority, and they won’t stop until they control the world.

In Shadow Government, prophecy expert Grant Jeffrey removes the screen that, up to now, has hidden the work of these diabolical agents. Jeffrey reveals the biblical description of Satan’s global conquest and identifies the tools of technology that the Antichrist will use to rule the world.

Readers will have their eyes opened to the real power that is working behind the scenes to destroy America and merge it into the coming global government. Armed with this knowledge, readers will be equipped to face spiritual darkness with the light of prophetic truth.

This book was provided to me from Multnomah Publishers for review purposes. No payment of cash was recieved for this review.

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Shadow Government

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