Wisdom Hunter

Wisdom Hunter
Randall Arthur

Jason Faircloth, pastor, General as some of his church members call him, has it all together. He knows all there is to know about pastoring, or so he thinks, and his word is the final authority. However his sixteen year old daughter rebelled and ran away from his authority, his wife, just lets him walk all over her. But Pastor Jason Faircloth is fixing to face trials and temptations as never before. Devastating news of his daughter's death, throws his wife into grief that kills her. Yes Jason Faircloth's world has indeed changed. Where was God? Doesn't God hear his prayers?

Follow Jason on his journey of rediscovering his faith, and realization of what and how a true relationship with Christ should be. Grieve with him as he looses his family, and identity. Rejoice with him as he discovers his way back to God.

A book that will keep your from front to finish Wisdom Hunter will truly be a book to share with your friends. 320 pages $13.99 US 4 stars.

This book was provided to me from Multnomah Publishers for review purposes. No payment of cash was recieved for this review.

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Wisdom Hunter

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