The Longview

Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders
Roger Parrott, PhD
David C Cook

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Living in a microwave generation, with everything at our fingertips in 30 seconds or less, it seems that long term planning and management is a thing of the past. Instant gratification is the norm, however Roger Parrott, PhD has brought a book that opens our eyes about living for more than the moment.  In upper management, in ministry and in our lives, long term planning and living is a plus.

An eye opening  question that Dr. Parrott asks in his book The Longview is, " If you knew you could never have a different job, which decisions over the past year might you have made differently?  Do approach messes and mix ups, as something the next guy will fix?  In ministry do you often find yourself saying how bad you feel for the next pastor?

It is time for a shift in our thinking, we have to live as if this position, church, or job is the only job we will have, and perform with thoughts of eternity.  This is what Jesus showed us in His ministry.  He could have totally refused the cross, but he knew the long term effects of His death, would give us eternal life.

The Longview is a book that can change the lives of ministers, and leadership of any type.  Dr. Parrott will explore the benefits of laying aside our egos for the longterm goal, teaches us that applause is momentary, but good leadership lasts a life time.  The chapters of this book are all life changing chapters.  Thirteen chapters, 254 pages, of wisdom for the ages, at your fingertips in this book.  A 4 star book. $16.99 US

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