The King's Legacy (Review)

The King's Legacy
A Story of Wisdom for the Ages
Jim Stovall
Reprinted by David C Cook 2009

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Once upon a time..... What person, adult or child, if truthful, does not love a good fairy tale? The King's Legacy, a wonderful story book of a search, is presented in fairy tale form.

Jim Stovall, has brought us the lovely story of a benevolent and loved, wise king, who is on a search. A search to commemorate his service as king. He calls forth the wise men, asking their opinions. Many suggestions were put forth. The suggestion that caught his attention, however was the passing forth of the “Wisdom of the Ages.”

After much deliberation and seeking, and thinking, the king, and the wise men realize, they know not the “Wisdom of the Ages.” Thus begins the true heart of our story. One by one, people from all walk of life, come forth to share the wisdom, their experience's have brought them to realize. From the mighty judge, the rich banker, the lowly farmer, the funny jester, all who wish to do so, are invited to present their wisdom.

After days and days of hearing great truths, wisdom filled speeches. The King makes a declaration that at a certain time he will present the “Wisdom of the Ages.” Only to realize he truly does not know what the wisdom of the ages is.

Follow through the book as each person presents their life's wisdom. See the wise and loving king, rebuke the pride of the nobility, and embrace the wisdom of the commoner. Learn exactly what is the “Wisdom of the Ages.”

Jim Stovall has written a book that is a lovely story, complete with fairy tale art and a lovely presentation. This book is easy to read and a wonderful story. The very end of the story, has journal pages for you to enter your “wisdom” that you have gained through your life experiences. 146 pages $12.99 US

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  1. Cindy:

    I want to thank you for taking the time to read and review my book. It is people like you that make good books more readily available to readers everywhere. Keep up the great work.

    Jim Stovall