Talking to the Dead

Talking to the Dead
Bonnie Grove
David C Cook

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Kate Davis is sinking! Fast! October had brought the drowning death of her father, and now Spring, has brought another tragedy. Her husband Kevin is suddenly dead. This is not how her life is supposed to be.

She truly thinks she may be going crazy. Even the professionals think she is going off the deep end. She is hearing Kevin talk to her. They keep characterizing her as hearing voices, but it is just Kevin's voice.

The scary thing is Kate has also lost her memory. Her journey to bring herself back to reality is a painful journey. Seeking professional help, and even Spiritual help, Kate finds that not all people serve God equally, or have a right view of God. Abused by a over zealous pastor, trying to cast out the “demon” within her, Kate is leery of all things connected with God.

Enter Pastor Jack, a wonderful man devoted to giving to inner city kids. His time, his love and his devotion to the kids of Glen Hills Community Center. He also has a church of 'sorts' that meets each Sunday at the Center. Most importantly, he is a friend, a friend determined to help her realize that God is not like what she has been presented, and determined to help her through this difficult time in her life.
Many surprises, even betrayals by family and friends along Kate's path to healing, make Bonnie Grove's novel a story that will touch your heart. When first considering this book for review, I was truly afraid it would be some sort of weird, supernatural story. You will be touched and moved by this story.

Bonnie Grove's first novel, will never strike you as a first novel. The story is amazing and well written. The depth of the story is amazing to me. The book ends with a Afterword Interview with Bonnie Grove, and a list of discussion questions for a book club or group discussion. Most definitely a book to share with friends. 368 pages $14.99 US

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