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Make Your Everyday Relationships Intentional

Community Chaplains of America help you care for others in crisis

Dallas/ Ft. Worth , TX —The overwhelming percentage of adults who come to Christ (as many as 80%) do so during a time of crisis. One study estimates that 15% of adults in America will face some crisis during any twelve-month period. We encounter these hurting people every day through our routine tasks and errands. Many won’t go to a church, but they still need someone with whom to talk. What if we could transform these everyday encounters into intentional, eternal opportunities?

With the help of a dynamic new program, you can claim your own community as your mission field. Community Chaplains of America training equips laypeople with the skills to minister to others during a time of crisis. Ordinary Christians with a heart for the lost and hurting can train to become a chaplain who will be present with people during times of crisis and gain permission to share the hope found in Christ. This “ministry of presence” is particularly crucial in reaching people who are not connected to a church or a member of the clergy.

Community Chaplains of America was developed by Mark Cress, founder of Corporate Chaplains of America, a company that has provided chaplains in the workplace since 1996. The training course is based on the ministry model developed by Corporate Chaplains of America and was written by their veteran Chaplains. The curriculum benefits from this experience, and will equip volunteers to reach people in their own areas of interest: on the little league field, in the neighborhood, at a child’s school, at work, etc.

“Our goal is to help Christians, as they come alongside others during the bumpy times of life, to gain the ability and confidence to share the life-changing news of Jesus Christ in a non-threatening manner,” says Cress. The results of Corporate Chaplains of America model speak for themselves; since 1996, more than 14,000 people have come to Christ, and that number grows daily.

In the short time since its inception, Community Chaplains of America has trained several hundred people in 35 different states. Commissioned chaplains receive credentials (which add credibility to your budding chaplain ministry), and ongoing support which includes access to a web portal that tracks their ministries and facilitates interaction with other chaplains.

In addition, Community Chaplains of America offers a Group Study Kit with enough materials to facilitate a 10 member small group. The Group Study Kit familiarizes participants with the principles of care giving and relationship building, along with the necessary tools to minister during times of crisis.

“The start of a new school year will introduce new relationships and opportunities for ministry for many of us,” says Community Chaplains General Manager Vicki Frye, recalling the needs of her own family and children brought on by a cross-country move. “Why not complete the Community Chaplains of America training over the summer and be prepared to start caring for people this fall. This is the perfect way to find the ministry you’ve always wanted.”

For more information visit www.commchap.com

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