Turn up the Heat (Review)

Turn up the Heat A Couples Guide to Sexual Intimacy
Dr. Kevin Leman
Non-fiction/Love and marriage/relationships

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Want a sex life that makes you want to twist and shout, is what the back cover of this book has on it. Dr. Kevin Leman the author of the best-seller Sheet Music, has brought us another book to deal with the things most of us are too embarrassed to ask about. Sexual intimacy, is a subject that most people are very interested in, but would never ask questions about.

So you want to know....

how to have honeymoon sex after 20 years
how to make your honeymoon a experience you will always remember
the right way to do “it” if there is a right or wrong way
how much sex is normal, or how little sex is normal
is oral sex OK?? is anything “wrong” in the marriage bed
how to have a normal sex life after children
how to keep the sparks alive in your marriage

Dr. Leman addresses all these topics plus many more in this book, I really enjoyed the format of this book, he would write briefly on each topic, and then answer questions from patients and readers. Turn up the Heat is a book that all married couples can benefit from, and a must read for newly-weds. Dr. Leman also addresses how to deal with and approach your spouse, when there are problems, he also addresses how to deal with a marriage partner who was sexually abused. This book is a easy reading book and definitely a book that I would recommend to others. He keeps it clean, addresses all questions from a Biblical standpoint, and is very discreet with his answers. 301 pages $17.99 US

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