The American Patriot's Bible (Review)

The American Patriot's Bible
The Word of God and the Shaping of America
Dr. Richard G. Lee General Editor
Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

My husband loves American History, so I knew this Bible would catch his attention, I was excited to receive the Bible, and then even more, when a fellow reviewer emailed asking if I was going to keep my copy, she had liked her's so much she was wanting to find one for a friend.

The American Patriot's Bible has so much information about America and it's history among the pages of God's Word, flipping through, there are beautifully colored pages with commentary about men, women, events, and historical facts that helped America become the nation that it is today. In the very front of the Bible is beautiful pages to include your family history, which is similar to lots of Bibles, but this Bible included extra pages, to include a more detailed family history. I loved the maps and the pages of state information. Also the seven principles of the Judeo-Christian ethic were very interesting. The Call to Action page really caught my attention also, it is a call for us, as Christians to come to action. This Bible is beautifully put together, with lovely, colorful pages, beautiful maps and nuggets of historical facts, scattered through the passages of Scripture.

The American Patriot's Bible would make an awesome family Bible, and the size of it, would be good for that, it is rather large, so it would be hard to carry as a church Bible. It is a Bible that can be used in homeschooling, or private schools, for teaching our children about the heritage of our nation. I highly recommend this Bible. 1620 pages $39.99 US

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