Latter Day Cipher (Review)

Latter Day Cipher
Latayne C. Scott
Moody Press

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Journalist Selonnah Zee is off for a vacation to Salt Lake City, to visit her cousin, Roger a former news reporter, Mormon convert. Her boss decides that this trip would be a great time to do a article about Mormon Temples, for the Memphis Telegraph, the newspaper she writes for.

Selonnah arrives in Utah to find out there is much more to report about, than the temples, there has been a high profile murder. It is quickly followed by 2 other murders, then several more weird symbolic crimes against people, all committed with ties to LDS rituals, someone is trying to expose the secrets, horryifying secrets of the LDS church. Selonnah finds herself right in the middle of the investigations. Along with coming to terms with her mom being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she is overwhelmed by it all.

Latayne C. Scott, the author of this book, a former Mormon herself, has brought us an attention grabbing book, a mystery, with great suspense. There is a wonderful representation of faith, of Annabel, a reporter in Utah, at the paper Selonnah is working with. This book will help you to understand more about Mormonism and also you will be amazed at the faith angle of this book.

Latayne, was a Mormon for 10 years, attended BYU and worked as a staff member for 2 BYU weekly magazines, she has converted to Christianity and since then has authored 13 published books. You can learn more about Latayne at www.latayne.com.

Latter Day Cipher is a book that you will enjoy and is definitely a book to read and to recommend to others. 374 Pages, 13.99 US. ISBN 978-0-8024-5679-3

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  1. Hi Cindy, and thank you for the gracious review!

    Did you know there's a book trailer for Latter-day Cipher? It's on YouTube and also on www.latayne.com. I'd be interested to know if the actors in the trailer match up with what you "saw" in your imagination as you read it!

    I have also written a nonfiction, The Mormon MIrage, which gives "back up" information and links to research more of the issues I covered in Latter-day Cipher.

    Thank you again!

    Latayne C Scott