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Cottonwood Whispers
Jennifer Erin Valent
5 stars

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Cottonwood Whispers, is Jennifer Valent's second book, a sequel to Fireflies in December, set to be released in September 2009. While this book is a sequel, it easily stands alone, without having read the first book. Ms. Valent has a wonderful story telling ability that shines through the pages of this book.

Meet Jessilyn, a young girl in 1936, who lives with her parents and a friend Gemma, whose parents have died. Nothing overly unusual about this, with the exception that Gemma is black and Jessilyn and her family are white, and a black girl living with a white family was not something done in that area or time.

Jessilyn comes to terms with growing up, and her fondness for a young man who is a close friend of the family, and she learns to deal with conflict and grief as mishaps strike their small town. A young child is run over and dies, an arrest is made in the crime. Jessilyn and her parents and many others in the town are positive that he is innocent, Gemma knows he is innocent, because she knows who did run over the little girl. This novel is full of suspense, faith and life and this author has brought it all to us in this wonderful book. The ending of this book gives me hope that there will be a third book.

Jennifer Erin Valent is the winner of the Christian Writers Guild's 2007 Operation First Novel Contest, for her first book Fireflies in December, she lives in Central Virginia. You can learn more about her on her website www.jennifervalent.com . 338 pages 12.99 US

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  1. Yours is the first review of Cottonwood Whispers that I've seen, Cindy, and it's such a joy to read it! Thank you so much for taking the time to read the book and tell others about it. And yes, there is a third book coming in the fall of 2010! :)