Broken Angel Review

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Broken Angel
Sigmund Brouwer
Water Brook Press
4 and half stars

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Broken Angel was such an unexpected book, I knew it was a suspense novel, but I was expecting a mystery, and while there was a mysterious suspenseful story, it was not what I expected.
Broken Angel is a futuristic styled story that is set in the Appalachians, but not as we would expect, it is a fenced in Appalachians, controlled by a religious leader who monitors their every move, with electronic monitoring. A young girl who was born on the Outside, Caitlyn and her father Jordan, are on the run, being chased by a famous bounty hunter and hounds. They are running for their lives, Bar Elohim, has a horrible plan for Caitlyn and her father has instructed her to make sure that she is never taken alive or dead.
The Clan live outside the Appalachians and are to be feared, if stories can be believed. Follow this story and be amazed and surprised at the turns and twists of the stories. Find out who are the real bad and good guys.
As I said I was surprised by this book, normally it is not my style of reading, but I could not put it down, once I got started reading it. Most definitely worth reading. Also at the end of the book there is a link to hear a song that was written and recorded by the author's wife. (Christian music artist Cindy Morgan) Also there is an excerpt from Sigmund's next book, which is a continues with this story, due out in January 2010. 243 pages $ 12.99 US

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