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Learning to live Financially Free
Marybeth Whalen and Curt Whalen
Kregel Publications
Business and Economics/Personal Finances

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Learning to live Financially Free, is it just another how to make your money go further book?? Just another run of the mill financial advise book? I don't think it is, I read this book, with great interest, wondering if it is a tool that can help people make it through the recession we are going through in the United States and across the world.
It is a tool that can help us, Curt and Marybeth have gone through the school of hard knocks and learned as they went, and now share their knowledge with us. This book points out a valuable nugget, that I think all couples, or everyone in general should recognize, our upbringing will mold our financial personality. If you lived in a home, that you were never sure if there was going to be a meal, or if the lights would be turned off, then you will view money differently than someone who never lacked for anything. Recognizing this, and knowing how to deal with it, is in my opinion the key to living financially free.
Learn how to work with your spouse as a team, not against each other, learn how to use credit wisely, learn that it all belongs to God and your just the steward over it. Learn to live on less. This book, can and will teach you all these things, when applied.
I personally enjoyed the format of the book, with sections and chapters by each of the Whalen's. Reading each viewpoint as they worked through each issue of financial stress, was very helpful, it showed the way that male and females view money. Each chapter ends with a study guide, Bible verses to read, questions to answer and then application tools. A favorite section for me in this book, is the chapter that dealt with teaching your children financial freedom living, if we raise children who are financially savvy, then the problems we have faced can be avoided by them. This book is a awesome tool, and I would recommend it to all newlyweds, and even those of us who have been married a long time. Definitely a book to share with friends.

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