Enough Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity
Adam Hamilton
Abingdon Press
Non-fiction/Self-help/Christian living

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Enough, is a book that explores the reason that America and Americans face horrible debt problems, the book deals with the reasons that many face financial crisis, and the Biblical answers to facing and overcoming those crises

The beginning of the book, explores and explains “affluenza”or the keeping up with the Jones syndrome, and how credit cards and easy mortgages, car loans,etc have fed these “viruses” as the author calls them, he presents Biblical solutions to dealing with our desire to acquire. The author also presents some reasons that we overspend, and how to strategically overcome these problems, firstly discovering what our purpose in life is, then setting goals for our life and then developing a plan.
Also presented are 6 steps to overcoming financial crises, with tithing and offering being the first step of the six steps. There is also a budget worksheet that shows the average percentage of your income should go to each area of your bills.

Enough, is a easy read that can help you to overcome debt and financial problems, based on Biblical principles. You are advised to cultivate self contentment, to overcome restless heart syndrome, and to practice of self control in your life. This book is a helpful tool if applied to your financial situations of life. Each chapter ends with a Thinking it Through section with questions, and scriptures to apply the principles presented. I give this book a 4 star rating. 110 pages.

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