Chasing Charity

Chasing Charity
Marcia Gruver
Barbour Publishing
Christian Fiction

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Oil, black gold, Texas T!! Humble Texas has an oil boom in full swing, the little town is changing quickly into a place that is no longer a small safe town, and Charity is not happy with the changes to her hometown.
However Charity, has much more to be unhappy about, than just the changes to the town, left at the altar, betrayed by her best friend and the talk of the town gossips, has Charity in a stew as she barges into a man in the motel where she has gone to pick up her mail. Buddy Pierce, a tall handsome stranger with eyes that make her feel like he can see her soul, an oilman, Buddy is looking for a place to stay. Charity takes him home to speak to her mother about boarding with them, and Buddy discovers oil on their property.
Life becomes a jumble as Charity and her mother move to town, while the oilmen drill on their land. Charity faces the shame of the betrayal of her friend, overcomes her bitter feelings towards oilmen in general and falls deep into love with a tall handsome stranger.
The boyfriend who left her at the altar, is suddenly pursuing Charity again, making her realize that she never loved him, and wondering what she saw in him. His jealousy causes him to make trouble for Charity, by spreading rumors and gossip about her, and causing trouble wherever possible.
The faith of Charity, her mother and the tall handsome stranger are evident throughout this story, Ms Gruver did a superb job in portraying the faith of this family and how it affected their lives. After reading the interview with Marcia, I was really interested to read this book, and now I am glad I did. This book is definitely a 5 star rated book, leaving me anxious to read more from this author. 301 pages

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