Shame Lifter

Shame Lifter: Replacing Your Fears and Tears with Forgiveness, Truth and Hope
Marilyn Hontz
Tyndale House Publishers
Religion/Christian Life/Spiritual Growth
ISBN: 978-1-4143-1896-7
5 stars

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Are you a Shame Giver, Shame Receiver, or a Shame Lifter? Author Marilyn Hontz, in this book clearly explains what each of these are, and how to recognize signs in our lives (there is even check lists at the back of the book) She wonderfully presents a interesting book about how we recognize and deal with each of these, in our lives.
Hurting people hurt people. The sooner we recognize this fact in the people we deal with daily and the people who we interact with in our lives. When we become aware of this it will help us to deal with those people who seem set on hurting us. It will also help us to understand our own hurts in our lives.
Shame is an ongoing self-deficiency disease. Shame is a powerful tool the enemy uses against us, and the deeper he can root our shame, the more ineffective and dysfunctional we will be as family members, as Christians, and as every day people. Marilyn Hontz, helps us with her book to recognize that shame, to deal with it, and to deal with the process of overcoming shame. Each step of overcoming shame has to be dealt with, we can not go through one step faster than the other, because it often means not truly dealing with our shame.
“God thinks of me as a person of value and I need to agree with Him.” A quote from the book, but as we deal with our shame and grow in our understanding, we need to recognize this fact, we are not junk, we are not trash, or garbage, as Satan would love for us to believe, we are HEIRS and Royalty of God.
I truly was blessed and enjoyed this book very much. The chapter dealing with grief truly ministered to me, and I give this book a 5 star rating.

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  1. Dear Cindy, what a fun surprise to find out that you posted my book on your blog. Thank you for your gracious words! It was kind of you to take the time to read Shame Lifter. I pray the Lord will continue to encourage your heart. The following verse has been meaningful to me this week: "Praise the Lord. Praise God our Savior, for each day He carries us in His arms. Ps. 68:19 NLT Isn't that a beautiful visual to keep in our thoughts? He carries us each day!