Single Sashimi

Single Sashimi
Camy Tang
Published by Zondervan
Genre: Fiction/Christian/General

The 3rd book of the Camy Tang Sushi Series, totally stands alone, just fine. This story is captivating and a wonderful read, without having read the other two books. Meet the cousins, Lex, Trish, Jenn and Venus and follow along as Venus faces her challenges in her job. As an acting Game Lead for a new game project, Venus is sure to get the position, but she is handed a hard blow, when the position is given to someone else. The cousins are there to comfort and encourage her. A young woman working in a industry mainly employing men, Venus has a reputation of being hard to work with and hard to work for, and it proceeds her in her professional career and project developments.
Read along as Venus overcomes her reputation, makes friends only to be betrayed and falls hard for her boss, who was also a former boss, who betrayed her. Join Venus as she volunteers to work with the youth group at her cousin's church and watch her faith grow as she learns to put her trust in the Lord and to wait on the Lord's timing.
New jobs, a new baby, a break-in, a volunteer job with a youth group, a new stronger relationship with Venus and her mother, are just a few of the unexpected twists in this book. This book is promised to hold your attention.
This book was a wonderful story that showed a lot about the Japanese and Chinese family culture and Japanese and Chinese Christian culture. The faith factor in this book was very strong, and a big plus for this reviewer. I loved the story line and I enjoyed Camy Tang's writing, I most definitely give this book a 5 star rating

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