From a Broken Heart to a Full Heart

A Mother, Her Autistic Child and the Music that Transformed Their Lives
Author Cathleen Lewis
Published by Thomas Nelson
Genre Non Fiction/Biography

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

From A Broken Heart to a Full Heart

Cathleen Lewis and her husband George excitedly were expecting their first baby, and then the call that no expectant mother wants to receive comes, an abnormality on her sonogram. A cyst on her baby's brain. A curve ball in life for sure, a life that Cathleen and George had placed their hopes and dreams on. But little Rex born with the cyst and later operated on, would not fulfill their dreams, well not in the way they originally dreamed them, especially after the diagnosis of blindness. The wear and tear of raising a disabled child takes its toll on their marriage and Cathleen finds herself a single mom with a child who has disabilities she does not even begin to comprehend, it is overwhelming.
Follow the story of Rex and Cathleen as they struggle to face each challenge, to rise and conquer those challenges and to Cathleen's discovery of faith. This true story will tug at your heart strings, and make you want to read more, you will laugh, cry and be amazed at Rex's story. You will meet a fighter, actually two fighters, both Rex and Cathleen fight to struggle through the challenges of the disabilities Rex has, but the introduction of music to Rex will be the key to overcoming.
A heartwarming story, much of the world learned about Rex after he was on the tv show 60 Minutes and introduced as a prodigious musical savant, you will travel with Rex as he gets to meet a young British man who is also a savant. Read through this book and see music bring to life a child trapped in his disabilities. This story was beautifully written by Rex's mother and such a inspiration to her faith and testimony. I give this book 5 stars.

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