There Goes Santa Claus

There Goes Santa Claus
An Ivy Towers Mystery
Nancy Mehl
ISBN 978-1-60260-289-2

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Ivy and Amos are in the middle of it AGAIN!! Sheriff Hitchens is really put out with Ivy, he once again tells her she is not Jessica Fletcher. Ivy and Amos are headed to bed a few days before Christmas when they hear a horrible racket on their roof. They run out to find a man in a Santa Suit lying dead in their driveway. Who was he and why was he on their house?? Those are the big questions in their minds. Ivy sets out to find out the who and why of the mystery man, while Amos is dealing with a string of diesel thefts from the local farms.
Of course the townsfolk asking Ivy and Amos if they really killed Santa, prods Ivy into really poking her nose in, even though the Sherrif told her to stay out of it, but his casual disregard for the whole situation makes Ivy more determined and it also makes her suspicious. Follow along as she solves the mystery with a twist at the end of the book. A wonderful and exciting book!!
Ivy's natural inclination to help wherever she can, such as directing the church's Christmas play, or trying to help a friend's romance and you have another wonderful Ivy Towers mystery. Nancy Mehl has truly thrilled us again with Ivy, a character that we all can relate to, and feel like we would love to have her as our friend. You understand as Amos deals with the rejection of his father, who has now become a Christian, and you see the faith of Ivy and Amos as they deal with these problems head on. Another hit for Nancy Mehl, I definitely give this book a 5 star rating.

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