George Washington Stepped Here

George Washington Stepped Here
A Karen Maxwell Mystery
Barbour Publishing
K.D. Hays
ISBN 978-1-59789-594-1

Karen Maxwell has her first case to investigate. Her brother is giving her a case and she is excited to finally be able to investigate a mystery, instead of doing her usual office work. So undercover she goes to investigate a missing artifact from a History House. She easily makes friends with the volunteers including the tall, unmarried “blacksmith” at the 1776 House, as she investigates, but Karen must keep in mind that they are all her suspects.
A divorced, soccer mom Karen's life is very busy and wrapped around her kids schedule, so she fits investigating in between soccer games and the children's visits with their dad. She even talks her children into coming to the 1776 House while she “volunteers”.
A very well written book, George Washington Stepped Here will keep you interested in just who took the artifact. K.D. Hays has presented a very enjoyable book. I give this book 4 stars. 244 pages 6.95 US

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