Andi Unstoppable Review

 My Thoughts:
Another cute story in the Andi Boggs Series. This series draws me back to my days as a young reader when I couldn't get enough of all the mystery series for kids. Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and the Bobbsey Twins were favorites. This series has that same feel. Andi and Collin are always keeping their eyes open for a mystery, even while doing a school science assignment. They have a bird watching assignment, which leads them into Shalley Park, where a ghost sighting arouses their suspicions. Will they find the ghost, and will it be a real ghost? Follow this story to the end for the answers. This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 5 stars from this reviewer.
About The Book:
Andi Boggs and her best friend Colin Carter are at it again … in this third book of the Andi Boggs series, Andi Unstoppable, school has begun for the two Killdeer middle schoolers and the science teacher has a great idea! He is an expert birder and wants his class to share in the fun. In a birding group with Colin and her biggest school rival, Ava, Andi sets out to be the first student in class to spot the elusive Kirtland warbler but ends up spotting the town’s resident ghost instead!
Together with her friends, Andi takes on another small town mystery—is the legend of the ghost of Dominika Shalley more than just a story? And does her sudden appearance have anything to do with the holes the friends find in the Shalley graveyard as they look for the rare bird?

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