American Hunter Review

My Thoughts: 
Written by Willie Robertson, from Duck Dynasty, along with William Doyle, this book is filled with stories of hunting expeditions of the Robertson family. It also has stories of how hunting and hunters shaped America. Stories from Native American tribes to pioneers like Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. Stories of how the introduction of long rifles changed the face of North American hunting. Also included are stories of our early American government leaders such as Presidents Washington and Jefferson, and Teddy Roosevelt who were avid hunters and sportsmen. You will also find in this book, scriptural references to hunting, fishing and feeding your family. An all-inclusive book about the sport of hunting, and how it has been part of the history of America. Interestingly enough the book included many women hunters who have made their own names famous over history. There is no shortage of famous people in this book, people that little boys and girls have looked up to for years. I have to say this book wasn't my normal genre of reading material, but it was an interesting read of the many hunters across the generations. If you're a history buff, this book will definitely peak your interest. 4 stars from this reviewer. This book was provided for review purposes only and no payment was received for this review. 
About the Book:
New York Times bestselling author and star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson, teams up with William Doyle, the bestselling co-author of American Gun, to share the history of America’s most well known hunters.

American Hunter is the first book ever to compile a chronological history of America’s greatest hunters. Based on the powerful personalities of colorful men and women, this book begins with the Plains Indians and moves through legendary hunters like Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Kit Carson, Buffalo Bill, Teddy Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, Lyndon Johnson, and more. Also included are the histories of American fox, rabbit, deer, squirrel, duck, goose, and big-game hunting, as well as action biographies of classic hunting weapons.

Author Willie Robertson, famed hunter of Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander, lends his voice to share this bodacious collection of true stories that you’ll want to tell around the campfire after a long day’s hunt.

As Teddy Roosevelt put it, “The virility, clear-sighted common sense and resourcefulness of the American people is due to the fact that we have been a nation of hunters and frequenters of the forest, plains, and waters.” It’s about time we honor American hunters with a book that tells their incredible stories of skill, courage, survival, and downright bodaciousness.

American Hunter is the perfect book for everyone who enjoys amazing tales of American history and for those who love hunting, sport shooting, and wide open spaces.

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