The Sky We Walk Upon Review

I have had this book in my review pile since it released. I picked it up a couple of times but just didn't get hooked automatically. Finally, I sat down and said "I am going to read this book." I am so glad I did, this time I was drawn immediately into the story. Hannah faces many of the challenges young people face today, fractured family relationships, fear of doing what we love, fear of falling in love, etc. Her story and often her fears were palpable, but she pressed on. I enjoyed the story very much. My favorite side story was Hannah's mother's story, probably because I am nearer her age and can relate easier to her struggles. But the real reason was her story had the strongest faith message of all the people in the book. That was my only disappointment, I love a story with a strong faith message, and wished Hannah's had been stronger. I was dismayed when the book ended, I wanted more. I would have loved to seen a bit more of the ending, but it was a good story. 4 stars from this reviewer. This book was provided for review by the author, no payment was received for this review.

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