The Day is Waiting

My Thoughts:
What is the day waiting for? For you to have an adventure. To open the book, and to allow your imagination explore the places and possibilities. To dream of riding in an airplane, on a ship or a train. To see a penguin or a pigeon. To simply get out and experience life, that is what the day is waiting for. Now did I "get" that the first time through this book? No I didn't but I was reading it too literally, as an adult. Then I read the premise behind the story. Artwork left after Don's passing, and a story written to go
 with the pictures. I then re-read the story, trying to picture it as an adventure. It then took on a different meaning than my first impression of a disjointed story, that made no sense to this nearly 50 yo adult. Do I think all children will "get" the story? No, but for those who do, it will be a wonderful adventure. I loved the artwork. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks to Don's wife for seeing the value and sharing these treasures with us. 4 stars from this reviewer. 
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 

About the book:
Don Freeman, the creator of Corduroy, was one of the most beloved and popular author/illustrators of picture books for children. After Freeman’s death in 1978, colleagues and his wife decided to use his never before published artwork and make a commemorative book using his wonderful illustrations. Paired with Linda Zuckerman's thoughtful rhyming text, The Day Is Waiting takes readers on a tour of our big, wide world and reminds us that no matter how far we roam, we always have home to come back to.
This classic tale is imbued with Freeman’s gentle humor, spontaneity, and his appreciation of the variety and complexity of human experiences, creating a book that children will enjoy reading again and again.

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