No Place to Hide Review

My Thoughts: 
If I had to use just one word to describe this book, that word would be intense. This book is an action packed, suspense filled "action adventure" book (my label for this type of story) . There is lots going on in this story, but Lynette Eason does a great job keeping it all straight. I was able to read it with-out going back to double check who was who, or who was doing what. This book was a great book and the ending surprised me a bit, when the "bad" guys were revealed. 4.5 stars from this reviewer. No payment was received for this review. All thoughts are my own honest opinions of the book and author. 

About the book:
It's not every day you see your childhood friend and one-time crush on national news. Jackie Sellers just wishes it were under different circumstances. She can't believe that Ian Lockwood is wanted in connection with a terrorist plot, and she's determined to find him and help him clear his name. But she's not the only one looking. The FBI wants him captured. The bad guys want him dead. Ian just wants to stay alive long enough to save thousands of innocent lives.

Lynette Eason throws readers right into the action from page one, propelling them along a dangerous road and asking the provocative question of how far we'd be willing to go if we were up against a wall.

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