Ryan's Father by June Foster

My Thoughts:
This book is June's best work to date.  I have to say this book worried me, as a book with a super controversial subject, I just was not sure how this book would read.  I had faith that June would write a good story, but still I worried.  SHAME ON ME!!  What a beautiful story of love, Godliness, and redemption!  The characters in this book each have their flaws, and they each come face to face with owning their mistakes or fears.  These characters make you care.  You want the "happy ever after" ending.  You want the dreams fulfilled.  Does that happen?  You just need to read Ryan's Father to find out.
I personally purchased this book, so no review was required from me. The opinions I am expressing are my own.  I have no trouble giving this book 5 stars.  And it will definitely top my favorite list for releases of 2014.

About the book:
The rippling influence of Ryan Reid’s less than moral mother and absent father made a mark on his soul. Yet everything changed when the young school teacher accepted Christ—almost everything.
An earthquake hurls the beautiful Sandy Arrington into his life, tossing his world upside down. When God calls him to build an annex for needy teens at his church, Ryan must face the carefully guarded secret he's held deep in his heart. Though Sandy falls in love with him, Ryan’s forbidden affections lie elsewhere, and he must depend on the Lord to see him through a struggle he always hoped he’d never have to face. Sandy’s wealthy cardiologist father and the battle Ryan is powerless to win are hurtles to their romance. Can he dig his way out to find Sandy’s love? 

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