Adventures with Vinnie by Donna Winters

 My thoughts: First off, I want to thank Donna for sending this book for review.  A delightful story about a dog who had issues.  Totally unpredictable, the only thing they good predict about Vinnie was that, his unpredictability.  But also that he loved them.  A loveable pooch, with a story.  Donna and her husband were very patient with a dog, who easily could make anyone loose their patience.  I loved Vinnie's story, and you will too, if your a dog lover.  It is a well told story, and you will laugh and cry with the story as you read.  4 stars!
This book was provided for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review.  
Profits from this book will go to animal shelters, Donna is currently working with the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter (UPAWS) to find the best way to use this book as a fund raiser for them.                          
                                                       About the book
cover-vinnie-websiteHandsome. Affectionate. In need of a forever home. And we were in need of another rescue dog. Thus began our Adventures with Vinnie.
From his first day to his last, the only predictable thing about Vinnie was his unpredictability. Loving and loyal, an escape artist to rival Houdini, and a genuinely comical fellow, his antics will make you laugh, give you a fright (but only for a moment), and melt your heart.
So join us, won’t you? With Vinnie, there’s never a dull moment!
Having retired to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we decided to choose older shelter dogs for our family pets, dogs not easily placed because of their age. When an opportunity arose in March of 2012 to add a Lab/Dobie mix to our family, we didn’t hesitate. Nearly forty years of dog parenting had given us confidence that we could provide a safe, loving home for this senior pet fallen on hard times.
We hadn’t anticipated the likes of Vinnie.
Learn how that loving shelter dog with bright, longing eyes, led to adventures never expected the day we welcomed him into our lives!
This book contains twelve full-color photographs of Vinnie and his family.
ISBN 978-0-923048-55-6 Trade Paperback; 60 pages including 12 full-color images

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