Adoring Addie

My Thoughts:
Addie just wants to be noticed and loved.  The only daughter in a family of boys, with a mother who seem depressed all the time, Addie wants to be appreciated.  Instead it feels like her family is just rushing to push her into marrying Phillip Eicher.
After meeting Jonathan Mosier she is convinced she doesn't love Phillip and never did.  What follows is a mix between the Hatfields and McCoys and Romeo and Juliet.
The first third of this book was slow..so very slow, but when it picked up, it was a maddening pace and I often had to go back and read what happened again, to keep it straight.
I didn't feel like this book measured up to book one of the series.  The book will stand alone, but it helps to have read the first book, the understand the dynamics of the family.

I was given this book in return for my honest review.  I received no payment for this review.
3.5 stars.

About the book:
Not Since Romeo and Juliet Has a Couple Faced Odds This Long

The Cramers and Mosiers have been angry with each other for as long as anyone can remember. Things had cooled to a simmer...until Addie Cramer and Jonathan Mosier fell head over heels for each other. Now old tensions are renewed, and Addie's parents insist she marry stolid and uninspiring Phillip Eicher.

Distraught at a future apart, the two decide their best hope is to reconcile the two families...but that means digging into the past to see what tore them apart. Will their love be enough to keep them together or will long-held secrets ruin their chance at happiness?

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