5 Days to a Clutter Free House

Five Days to Live Happily Organized-Ever-After

Professional Organizer & Time-Management Expert Create Plan to De-clutter the Messiest House
No matter how cluttered and disordered your house, professional organizer Sandra Felton and time management expert Marsha Sims encourage readers to transform their homes from chronic disorder to beautiful and organized. In 5 Days to a Clutter Free House: Quick and Easy Ways to Clear Up Your Space, Felton and Sims share their systematic, team-based approach so even the most overwhelming de-cluttering job becomes doable. The “toe-to-head” approach cuts decision-making to a minimum so readers can transform their home in only five days.
You can have a home that refreshes and inspires you,” write Felton and Sims. “Real, long-term change will come only when the heart and mind passionately embraces the dream of an organized way of life, which fills our lives with what we really love – beauty.”

The authors' enthusiasm and energy keep readers pushing forward to the goal, and their time-tested tips and habits help readers preserve their newfound clutter-free space. Felton and Sims detail their proven five-day method that begins by assembling a de-cluttering team, clearing surfaces and sorting everything that doesn’t belong into labeled boxes.

Each day the team tackles a new level, beginning with everything below the knee on Monday. By Thursday, the house should see a U-turn as open space emerges. Then it’s time to tackle the inside of drawers, cabinets before turning to the attic, utility room and garage. By Friday, surfaces should be clear, and readers can begin to have the organized home they always wanted but could never achieve.
Once readers conquer the five-day plan, Felton and Sims give practical insights on living happily organized-ever-after including the ten minute tidy challenge and clutter-buster habits. The authors show how to deal with common obstacles to maintaining a clutter-free house including storage needs, health issues, space restrictions and even family sabotage.
Sandra Felton, The Organizer Lady, is a pioneer in the field of organizing. She is the founder and president of Messies Anonymous and the author of many books including Organizing Magic. Sandra lives in Florida.
Marsha Sims is a national speaker who has taught seminars on time management and organization, managing the front desk, and projects and priorities. She has been a professional organizer for fifteen years as the founder and president of her Miami-based company, Sort-It-Out, Inc.
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My thoughts on this book:
This book was interesting, on several concept ideas.  Firstly the concept of bringing in your friends or family to help you conquer the clutter.  Secondly working in what I would call body zones, only sort from certain areas of your body, ie, knees to shoulder, shoulder to above head.  My thoughts on this is, I would not want my friends seeing my clutterTruthfully the book lost me there.  I just couldn't get past that concept.  I would not invite people to help me clean up a cluttered home.  There was interesting advice about clearing away using that body zone idea, and I like the magic white boxes, I love boxes.  Overall I would give this book a 3.5 star rating for its usefulness to me personally.  
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.
Available February 2013, from your favorite seller of Revell Books a division of Baker Publishing.    

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