Interview | Rita Hancock, M.D.

CBR: Hello Dr. Hancock, Welcome to Cindy's Book Reviews, it is great to have you take time out to answer a few questions for us about your new book, first off why dont your tell us a bit  about yourself.

I guess you could say I’m an unusual medical doctor. First, I wholeheartedly believe that our physical health can be impacted by spiritual and emotional factors and I’m not afraid to speak with willing patients about those things. And, second, even though I’m a pain management sub-specialist, I don’t generally prescribe narcotics for pain control, except in rare situations.

CBR: So as a doctor I am sure over the years you have seen lots of patients, what caused it to click for you that there is a connection between physical wellness and spiritual wellness?

It took plain old experience. When I was a younger doctor, if I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with a patient, I assumed the problem was on my end. But, as the years went by, I realized why some patients’ pain problems don’t show up on tests. In many cases, those patients harbor some degree of anger, unforgiveness, guilt, or shame, and those emotions compound their physical, muscular tension. You can literally see it in their posture! Often, people who are tense hunch their shoulders upward, practically next to their ears. Other times, patients believe lies about themselves, like “I’m bad,” “It’s my fault,” “I’m dirty,” or “I’m bad just like my bad parents.” Or they’re running from sins they committed in the past. All those things make people physically tense and compound the true, physical factors that lead to pain.

CBR:  Has it been hard as a doctor to find the time to write? 

God always makes a way! My husband does a lot and our kids are older and fairly self-sufficient. Really, my main distraction from writing is our new Cavachon puppy, Joey (half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and half Bichon Frise)! He’s so stinkin’ cute. I just want to play with him all the time!

    CBR:  What is the most important message you would like for the readers of your book to grasp?

If you’ve been to a bazillion doctors and nobody can figure out why you hurt or why you keep suffering with chronic illness, read my book, Radical Well-being: A Biblical Guide to Overcoming Pain, Illness, and Addictions . My prayer is that I can at least help you cut your symptoms in half (or better).

CBR: Do you have plans for a follow-up book?

Actually, yes. Because I’ve been in practice for so long, I keep hearing the same questions about back pain over and over again. So, I think I’m just going to write a book that answers my patients’ back pain FAQ’s. That way, I can just say to my new patients, “SSSSshhhhh……[handing them a book]….just read this!” Wait……did I just admit that out loud? Crud! Now, you’re all on to me….

CBR: Tell the readers of my blog where they can learn more about you, or read your blog writing.

Being that I grew up morbidly obese but then lost 75 pounds and kept it off for almost thirty years, I also wrote a Christian weight loss book. It’s called The Eden Diet, and you can find out more about it via my website www.TheEdenDiet.com. To find my diet blog, click on the “blog and forum” button on the home page. Or you can find that same blog directly at www.EdensFreedomSisters.NING.com. It’s totally free to join the forum. I am also a health blogger on The Christian Post, http://blogs.christianpost.com/overcoming/, and I write for my literary agent’s blog, http://wordservewatercooler.com.

CBR:  Thank you for stopping by and visiting with us here at Cindy's Book Reviews, is there one last thought you would like to share?

Yes! If you’re struggling with pain, chronic illness, or unwanted compulsive or addictive behaviors, read my new book, Radical Well-being. I can’t wait to hear feedback about how it helped you! Feel free to post your feedback on my book’s Facebook wall: https://www.facebook.com/RadicalWellBeing. While you’re there, please “like” my page, too!  Blessings (and thanks so much for having me, Cindy)!

About the Book:

What’s blocking you from experiencing total wellness? 

Research increasingly shows a strong connection between our spiritual life, our emotions, and our physical well being. Yet too often our physical conditions are treated without taking our whole lives into account.  In Radical Well-being, Dr. Rita Hancock shows you how your mind, body, and spirit are connected and addresses the factors that can contribute, and even cause, illness, addictions, and chronic pain.
If you suffer from medical conditions like fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, neck or back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, jaw pain, food and drug allergies, depression, anxiety, or unwanted behaviors such as overeating, an eating disorder, overspending, drug abuse or alcoholism, Radical Well-being will show you a biblical, whole-body approach to overcoming your condition.

With nearly twenty years of experience counseling patients from a balanced, mind/body/Holy Spirit perspective, Dr. Rita gives you practical nuts-and-bolts advice, including how to:
·           Identify the lies that are manipulating you from a subconscious level
·           Deal with emotional factors that can make your pain seem worse
·           Address addictive behaviors that you want to get rid of
·           Fully accept God's love and forgiveness on a deep, healing level
True freedom and improved health come when deeply-rooted lies are illuminated and replaced with knowledge from the merciful heart of God. Radical Well-being will help you feel better in all three domains—in your mind, body, and in your spirit. You will end up feeling the way one of Dr. Rita's patients put it: "Like the weight of a skyscraper has been lifted off my shoulders."

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