A Christmas for Katie

A Christmas Families of Honor Novella
Shelley Shepard Gray

Katie Weaver is a cute little six year old Amish girl.  A little girl who might be a bit spoiled.  A surprise baby of sorts, she came later in life and has grown brothers and sisters-in-law and is even an aunt.  She loves going to the library where her sister-in-law Ella works, she loves to read and story time is her favorite.  However as Christmas nears, Katie notices a couple of things, one the nativity in front of the library is sad, it is old and needs replaced, secondly she notices that Miss D, the librarian seems to be sad.  Katie is sure she knows how to fix both problems.  She begins a a campaign to have living people to replace the nativity, and she also begins praying that Miss D will fall in love. Trust a child to go straight to the heart of the matter. 
I loved this cute little novella, Shelley packed tons of stuff in this little story. Love, mystery and suspense and a new baby too!! What more could areader ask for.  A great story, with a cut message!  128 pages US $3.99 4 stars. 

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