When Hope Blossoms


Kim Vogel Sawyer
Bethany House

Amy Knackstedt and her children hoped that Weaverly Kansas would be a new start for them.  Moving away from their home in Arborville Kansas, she was hoping to help ease the hurt of the loss of her husband.  At home in Arborville there were memories of Gabe everywhere and she was hoping a new town would make that easier for them all.  Her neighbor Tim Roper was not happy to learn that his new neighbors were Old Order Mennonites, the faith that he had left behind when he left home.  Also her children, just brought back the memories of his son, who died along with his wife in a horrible car accident. 
Amy's oldest daughter is struggling with her faith, and makes a way to spend more time around Tim, knowing that he had left the faith, wondering if she could learn more from him.  Her questions she asks her mom seems to only be answered with Scripture references and she wants what she feels are real answers, instead of just finding out what the Bible says about her doubts. 
This story is intriguing, I enjoyed it very much.  The story line was very interesting and you were drawn into the story, feeling the sorrow they all experienced as they dealt with their losses.  You also feel the hope of a new start, as Amy learns new skills to promote her business.  Definitely a book to recommend to a friend!  347 pages US $14.99 4 stars
This book was provided for review purposes by Bethany House, no payment was received for this review. 

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