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Christy Barritt

The best week of Molly Hamilton's life was the week she spent at Camp Hope Springs as a teenager.  It was the week that Jesus became very real in her life, it was also the week she fell in love with Nick White.  However her life did not end up happy ever after.  Nick broke up with her while he was in college, caving into the pressures from his parents.  Molly went on to nursing school, working in a military hospital, however a toxic relationship has left her under suspicion of stealing drugs.  All she wants is to find that peace she felt at Camp Hope Springs, so when she is hired to be the nurse for the summer, she is hopeful that peace will be found.  What she does not expect is to see Nick White, nor does she expect to run over a man in the road.  A man already dead, nor does she expect to be terrorized at the camp.  No her expectations certainly did not include any of these things.  She is not sure her heart can take working so close with Nick, she steels herself to not allow the attraction to distract her. 
I love Christy Barritt's books, she just has the right amount of mystery and suspense with a bit of romance thrown in.  A great afternoon read, you will not want to miss.  215 pages US $5.75 4 stars

This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.  Available September 2012

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