Book One
The Secrets of Crittenden County
Shelley Shepard Gray
Avon Inspire Books

Three young ladies, cutting school and hanging out where they should not, find something that no one should ever find!  After playing takeaway with Abby's backpack, one of the girls tosses it behind her and it fell into a hole, well actually into a old well, that contained the body of a dead man.
Perry Borntrager's had been missing for several months, but the community just figured he'd jumped fence and left the Amish.  No one dreamed he was dead and in their community in a well. 
Lydia Plank had been Perry's girlfriend, but had broken up with him after he began changing, he had lost lots of friends recently.  Walker Anderson, caught him stealing money from their boss, but Perry threatened to turn it around to make it look like Walker was the guilty one, so Walker quit his job, and would not have anything to do with him anymore.  Perry definitely was not an upstanding Amish young man.
This book was so different in many aspects, this is definitely not the typical Amish love story.  A mystery is the way I would classify this book.  My only sorrow with this book, is that it is a continuing story and I don't know who killed Perry.  Looking forward to the next book in the series!! 245 pages, US $12.99 4 stars

This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 

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