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Rose Dee
Even Before Publishing
Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Wow, disappointed it the first word that I have to say about this book.  A story that was really a good story ruined by the first chapter of the book.  I nearly put the book down then, but pressed on, and the story was good.  However, when I read a book that includes mild profanity, a drunken scene with screaming and slapping, that ends up with the heroine drunk and sleeping (in a purely literal sense) with a former boyfriend, I am disappointed.  PERIOD!  It ruined the book for me.  I am assuming this was intended to be a Christian book, even though I am not familiar with this publisher, the following story that mentions faith would indicate so.  I seriously hope this author tries again without the improper situations and language, I felt from the rest of the story, that she is talented with her writing skills.

I cannot give this book anything but a poor rating.  2 stars.  227 pages

This book was provided for review purposes only.  No payment was received for this review.
This review was changed at the request of the publisher to indicate the "sleeping together" was a literal sense, not sexual, that does not change my review or the amount of stars given.

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