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Book One
Missing Your Smile
Fields of Home
Harvest House

Susan Hostetler is a young Amish woman who has left home, she is confused about her life in general.  Catching her boyfriend kissing her best friend, she is sure that she cannot forgive and forget.  However that is not the Amish way.  Working in Asbury Park, New Jersey, she is confused by the Englisa world.  Dating, boys, working, all of it just causes more confusion for her, she misses her family, and she is excited to learn new things, such as learning to drive and earning her GED.  However her life takes on different meaning when a unwed young mother, Teresa singles Susan out, asking her to raise her unborn child.  What will Susan do?
I enjoyed this book a lot.  Jerry Eicher having grown up Amish, has a unique way of portraying the Amish.  This was a great story, and I enjoyed it alot and was happy I had the second one to read immediately.
 285 pages $11.99 US 4 stars.

Book Two
Following Your Heart
Fields of Home
Harvest House Publishers

Susan takes Teresa home to her family, wondering what the outcome of this entire situation will be.  Teresa is determined that her baby boy, Samuel will grow up in a loving Amish family, even if it means she has to marry an older Amish man, who no one else would have.  The bishop and ministers have decided that the only way she can be part of their community is to have her take the classes for baptism, and to marry Yost Byler the same day as her baptism.  Susan and her family feel this is not right, but the Amish way is not to disagree with the bishop and ministers.
This story was a wonderful story, I enjoyed it greatly, again I note that Jerry Eicher's style of writing is different, due I am sure to the fact he was raised in the Amish.  Great book. 271 pages $12.99 US 4 stars

These books were provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for the review.

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