REVIEW | A Wedding Transpires on Makinac Island by Cara C. Puman

Fiction/Contemporary Romance

Alanna Stone is a lawyer used to high stress cases, what she cannot handle however is the memory of the terrible tragedy that took place her senior year of high school.  A bunch of teenagers partying on a beach suddenly turns tragic as a challenge is thrown out for a race to the lighthouse and back.  However the cold water will end up causing what everyone thinks is a tragic accident, but also brings the condemnation and blame on all of the teenagers, especially Alanna's brother Trevor.
She is determined to stay as short as possible on the island while her father is ill, but she is also determined to use her skills to find out what really happened that horrible night.  What she has not counted on is the fact that her high school sweetheart Jonathon Covington is on the island also.  She tries to resist the attraction she still feels toward him, knowing he has been dating a young widow with a young son.
I really enjoyed this book, the setting sounded beautiful, it made me want to visit Mackinac Island.  A beautiful story, with a redemption theme.  I give this a 4 star rating.

This book was provided for review purposes only no payment was received for this review.  

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