REVIEW | Double Exposure by Susan Sleeman


The Justice Agency

 Jennie Buchanan and Ethan Justice have an intense past.  But at the moment that is not a factor, the important matter at hand is keeping Jennie safe and letting her show open.  A photographer who takes pictures of children in poverty and often war zones, Jennie has shows to raise money for those same children she photographs.  However someone is threatening her life and the life of the show, by vandalizing her photos, kidnapping her and keeping her from accomplishing her goal, helping the children.  But Jennie will not let some thugs stop her and the gallery owner has hired Jennie's former boyfriend Ethan to protect her.  Wow things heat up fast!!  Ethan has to keep his head in the game though and not allow himself to be distracted by Jennie and by their past.

   I loved this book, just as always Susan Sleeman, writes a great story!! You never know what is going to  happen next! I love her books and this one did not disappoint!  4 stars, $5.75 US 211 pages

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