REVIEW Beyond Hope's Valley by Tricia Goyer...

So Marianna is back in her home state of Indiana, pledged to be married to her beloved Aaron, but something is not right.  She realizes quickly how much she has changed.  The relationship that she developed with God in Montana, doesn't seem to fit with the traditions of her Amish community here at home in Indiana.   This puzzles her, why do her friends and family not want to be closer to God, or read their Bibles?  Why do they think she is only being prideful. 
She also is amazed by her brother Levi, he is pledged to marry his girlfriend Naomi, even though she is carrying another man's child.  Another man who Levi will not even inquire about.  His return to the faith has amazed Marianna, and she is so happy for he and Naomi, but again she is puzzled and reminded that something is not right. 
Ben, has taken his broken heart, and his song he wrote about and for Marianna and is on the road, touring doing concerts, but he hates the whole life, and just wants to go back to Montana.  He is sure that the Lord is speaking to him that he is to be patient and wait.  What he is waiting for, he truly is not sure, but is assured God will show him when the time comes. 
This story will move you, to tears and you will also laugh at the ironies of the story, a community wanting to be separate from the world, but not drawing close to God in personal relationships.  A great story, that you will not want to miss.  4 stars.  This book was provided  by Litfuse for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 

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