Brush of Angels Wings

A Heaven on Earth Novel
Ruth Reid
Thomas Nelson

Rachel Hartzler is not the typical Amish young lady.  She is not interested in cooking, homemaking and doubts that she will ever marry.  After all what hard working Amish man would want a wife who cannot cook, and sew, etc.  What she can do is farm, after her brother's death two years earlier, she has stepped into his role on the farm and loves farming.  Taking care of the cattle, planting the fields.  She is dismayed when her father hires Jordan Engles.  He isn't even Amish.  His mother was shunned when she married outside the faith, and on her deathbed, she asked him to promise to come to her family, and to seek the important things in life.
Rachel and Jordan clash, she is sure he is trying to take the place of her brother in her father's heart, and on the farm, but there is also a attraction that scares her, since he has declared he is not going to become Amish.
This story was definitely different with the side dialogue between the angel and demon.  That dialogue definitely changes the story, it can be a bit disconcerting at the beginning but it is a reminder of the fact that we are in  spiritual warfare daily.  Definitely a must read this summer!  I enjoyed this book, and was happy to provide a review in return for the book from Book Sneeze.  I give this book a 4 star rating!

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