Wives of the Patriarchs Book One
Jill Eileen Smith

Jill Eileen Smith does such a wonderful job of bringing stories we have read all our lives in the Bible to life.  I can honestly say after years of reading many different authors and books, that I enjoy the way that Jill does Biblical fiction best.  She is true to the scriptural passages and the historical facts, but also bringing in her own take of the stories and making that come to life.  Her descriptive powers are great, you can picture the scenes in your mind, and you feel like your a part of the story!
The story of Sarai (Sarah) wife of Abram (Abraham) is one of my favorite stories.  But the way that Jill brought to life the disappointment that Sarai must have felt each and every year that passed without the promised child, was wonderful.  I found myself crying as she dealt with the jealousy she felt when Hagar birthed Ishmael, and even the jealousy she felt between the relationship with Abram and Ishmael, just brings to your attention that the patriarchs and matriarchs of the Bible were as human as we are.  Truly a story that you will enjoy!  I was also fascinated with the relationship between Lot's wife and Sarai, it was truly interesting to see how they interacted with each other.  And the horrible downfall of Lot's wife as they moved into Sodom and further away from the presence of Adonai.  A great book!!  313 pages $US14.99 4 stars.

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