House of Secrets

Tracie Peterson
Bethany House

The Cooper family put the dys in dys-functional family.  Their mother died when they were all young, and their father just shipped them from boarding school to hired help, and worked away from home as often as possible.  Three young girls who have lost their mother, a mother who was mentally ill, but they were too young to understand that, they just knew that their mother was gone, and now their father is gone too, but he hasn't died like their mother died, he chooses to be away from them.  At least that is what it seems like to them.
All grown up now, they each have dealt in their own way, however helpful or destructive that may have been.  Imagine their surprise when their father asks them to meet him at the vacation home in Washington for an announcement.  The same vacation home they were at when their mom died, the same place they all three believed was where their father murdered their mother.  Fifteen years have passed and they have always hidden the fact that they are positive that they saw their father drug their mother, and causing her death.  How will they deal with this? Confront? Continue hiding the secret? 
This book was intriguing,  I was horrified at the pain the girls had faced, believing all those years their own father killed their mother.  I also felt the anger they did, towards what they felt was his abandonment of them in their greatest hour of need, but I understand his loss of ability to cope with the entire situation.  A great book, that will keep you reading to the last page.  Tracie Peterson again shows her great talent in this book, do not miss reading this book!  4 stars $14.99 US 305 pages

This book was provided by Bethany House for review purposes only, no payment was received for this book review. 

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