A Life of Joy

Kauffman Amish Bakery Series Book 4
Amy Clipston

Lindsay Bedford was 18 now, and had lived with her Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Daniel for four years since her parents had died, and left her and her sister Jessica in her Aunt's care.  She was growing up, and was very troubled about her future, she knew she was very comfortable with her Amish family, but a few doubts about taking the classes for baptism linger in her mind.  An accident with her Aunt Trish, close friends of her parents back in Virginia, takes Lindsay back to Virginia to help take care of Trish, during her recuperation from breaking her leg and having surgery. 
Her sister Jessica is not helping matters by nagging at her about getting her GED, and then going to college.  In fact it seems every conversation ends with Jessica insulting Lindsay.  She is not helping Lindsay at all. 
Being in Virginia and reconnecting with old friends is fun, but her heart is back in Pennsylvania with her Amish friends and family.  She cannot wait to get home to them all. 
I love Amy Clipston's books.  I have been reading them since she started with book one of this series and I absolutely love them.  She keeps the story interesting, and also touches your heart strings with the stories.  Truly a great author, who I look forward to reading.  336 pages US$ 12.99 5 stars.
This book was provided for review purposes by Zondervan, no payment was received for this review. 

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